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What exactly is "pro-black"? Why not pro-equality, or pro-ethnic pride specifically? 

Because I’m not “ethnic”, I’m black!

Every race of people have anti-blackness in their culture

(btw “3abeed”  means “nigger”)

Every race is guilty of stealing the black woman’s features while calling her ghetto for it.

Every race is guilty of stealing black culture and making it “trendy” but if we love our culture we’re disrespected.

Pro-equalty? Where was that bull shit when this was happening?

or this?

or this?



I’m still looking

where is pro-equality?

I don’t see it


Where you at?

I can’t see it

Where are these people who are “pro-equality”? White people don’t need equality cause they control the system! 

Before I’m a woman, I’M BLACK!

Before I’m queer, I’M BLACK!

My race will always come first the rest of my life!

Who’s here to fight for black people other than black people. Every race shits on us and then expects us to defend them. You can’t treat someone like shit and then expect them to be cool with you later, that’s not logical! Black people have band together sense we came to this shitty country but yet we have to fight for everyone? 

Yes, I will stand up for other race but because I am black, I WILL ALWAYS STAND UP FOR BLACK PEOPLE FIRST!

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