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Things They Don't Teach You in School 

















•Lincoln believed white people were the superior race
•Gandhi hated black people
•The CIA brought illegal drugs into the country
•Ronald Reagan was the devil
•White people mutated from the Dravidian Albinos and would be nothing without POC

•9/11 was coordinated by the Bush administration •The laws written 15 years ago where pushed and backed by the kkk •Black people explored the world before white people where civilized and whitewashed history

•Christopher Columbus ain’t shit.

*The father of modern gynecology experimented and tortured black women during slavery for his findings.
*The government was successfully sued for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.
*The CIA introduced crack/cocaine into inner-cities across the US
*The US had been sterilizing many WoC
*In the Tuskegee experiments, the US gave STDs and other diseases, including syphilis to unknowing black men.
*Japan was already in line to surrender when we bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima
*The US created the Taliban

Tea sipping shit. I re logged this earlier. But this list got longer


• Native Americans had to register to become American • Black Panthers once watched over the police to prevent unjust arrests and beatings • Native American children were massively murdered when schools got too full • Black people were in zoos • There were Asian concentration camps during WW2

*The World’s largest Great White shark ever recorded in history fed off of slaves thrown over the ships
*Gay white plantation owners used to rape the slave men in front of the slave’s wives, children, and friends. They used this method to deter the slaves from revolting or any other unwanted acts.
*Plantation owner would make a “deal” with the hardest working male slave to bore 10 children and he will be set free. Creating the stereotype of black men leaving and abandoning their children.
*Harriet Tubman’s first husband, a freed man, tried to discourage Harriet’s mission to free as many slaves as she could he threatening to tell her over.

We were taught that about Abe but this is some important info

Male slaves would have their teeth removed - the front two to mark them as slaves if they escaped and the back ones for sale

one of the reasons for landowners to back the revolution was that England had abolished slavery and wanted to bring it across to the colonies - one hundred years before slavery was abolished

the US has been responsible for almost every major conflict of the last one hundred years and interfered in the others almost always for drugs or oil

the great depression was entirely caused by the newly developed aggro farming of the 1920s

the US accidentally sank several ships of Jewish refugees in WW2 including one mostly full of children

•in Africa the white men that were there to “collect” the slaves would give tribes guns. This was in order to have tribes turn against each other so the “weak” tribe members would be sent to America.

•During the Armenian Genocide, families would potentially be spared if the oldest daughter had her face and arms tattooed with blue X’s. These blue X’s signified that the Turkish soldiers could do anything they wanted to her. [I met a woman that this happened to, while she ended up having a husband and children and had some sort of happiness in life. It was hard to look at her. Not because of the X’s but by what happened to her because they were there.]

*Southern black people were convicted of “crimes” (walking by the railroad, looking a certain way) after slavery had been abolished and forced to do hard labor like working in mines for weeks without seeing the sun where they had to drink stagnant water sitting at the bottom of the mines, being whipped and killed if they ran away. A lot of black people were put in jail during the cotton season when men, women, and children were whipped and killed while working in the fields.

*Southern black people were enslaved in this same time period (after slavery was abolished) through imaginary debt that white people claimed that they had and they couldn’t pay it back because the person that they were “indebted” to set all the terms.

*The literally “Constitution” of the Confederacy says that the point of their nation is slavery.  Don’t listen to people who say its about states rights.

*A lot of Republicans switched from being Democrats bc of the integrated military, the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts because they didn’t want to vote in the same party as black people. The literal founding of their party is racism.

because this has gotten longer

- Native children were rounded up by white people and put into boarding schools where most of them were brutally beaten and raped repeatedly while also being banned from seeing their parents ever again.

- White men would rape their way into native bloodlines just so they could be “legally entitled” to land, money and livestock that was reserved for natives.

-Native reservations were purposely established in places that were uninhabitable (i.e. poor soil, sparse food & water etc.) This was a way of forcing assimilation.

-Many cultures of PoC recognized more than just 2 genders before white supremacy came in with that basic shit.

-Ghandi also beat his wife

-America has a very long history of wartime sexual violence

Dear God

and before you idolize canada

-native/ indigenous people were treated just as bad

-so were asian people

-japanese people were put in concentration camps

-indian people (+many other asians that i dont rlly remember) came to canada for farming land, were enslaved instead (just search about the komagata maru)

How To Get A Job Fast As Hell 







  • Apply to a  job, wait (1) day, then call.  Give them your first and last name. Tell them you submitted an application and that you’re very motivated to find [Enter field name] work. Let the conversation lead you wherever it takes. Be very polite. Say” thank you for your time, I’ll be looking forward to hearing back from you.” Rinse, repeat. This is to force them to be looking out for your application. 

  •  When you get to the interview, shake their hand firmly,  tell them your first and last name.  

  • Describe your experiences  as “ two years transcription and data entry” if you have a desk job interview and “ [however many years]  costumer service, retail and stock” for your retail jobs.  

  • Don’t use job “ buzz words” I stg they hear them all day. Say  things like, “ I’m detail oriented and am very good at taking instruction.”  “ I would like to work for a company with integrity and I feel that [ company name] would be a good fit”

  • When they ask you if you have “reliable transportation” say  YES. don’t tell them what kind of transportation, just say yes. (if you don’t do this, you wont get the job , I’m telling you right now). 

  • Research the company. Know what they do, why they do it, how OLD the company is. WHERE it was founded, and what kind of position you’re intending to apply for.

  • When they ask you “ give us a situation where you had to blah blah blah” Make one the fuck up. Make yourself sound good as hell, and like you put your company’s needs slightly above the customer’s needs, but make the customer happy. 

  • If they ask you about being outgoing, Say you “like to focus on your work so you can concentrate on doing things right” (which buys you out of having to act friendly all the time)

Questions for after the interview:

1.  Does this position offer upward mobility?

2. Do you enjoy working for the company? (if you’re not interviewing for a temp agency who will send you anywhere)

  •  Then, shake their hand,  Ask them to repeat their name (REMEMBER THIS) say thank you for your time, wish them a nice day and leave. write their name down outside if you have to, just remember the fuck out of it. 
  • AFTER your interview, send a card directed to the name of the person who interviewed you (I’ll give you them) that says “Thank you for the interview, I appreciate the opportunity. have a great day” This shows  that you have an understanding of professionalism, and will have them thinking of you kindly (or at least remembering you) when they’re shuffling through the choices. 
  • DO NOT tell them you just moved to the city over the phone.  In person, tell them you just moved to the city. Make it sound like the only reason you need a job is because you moved. Not because you’re desperate. 


 The titles of each section are key words you can use to search for jobs on  and Simplyhired.

Data Entry:


 Front Desk:

  4. (this one is close to the place you rented.)

Other jobs you don’t need a degree for that aren’t retail:

  1. Dental hygenist ( yeah, seriously, who knew!) They also make about 40,000 a year)
  2. Stenographer-Court Reporter
  3. Surveyer ( you need a certificate for this, but its something you can get while working a temporary job and doing this on the side. Also, they make like $55,000 a year sooooooo)
  4. Real Estate Broker
  5. Purchasing agents, except wholesale, retail, and farm products ( basically you arrange to buy large things) they make like 60K
  6. Claims adjuster 
  7. Loan Officer
  8. Subway driver (trains) they make like 60K,
  9. Duct Cleaner:

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