"It's A Bangr!!"


Producer, Engineer, Song Writer, Educator

Cliffbangr™ began embracing his musical talents early in life as an instrumentalist (woodwind & brass). He went on to earn a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Southern University at Baton Rouge, LA. His musical background serves as a platform to become one of the world's most prolific music producers, composers and arrangers. He continues to serve as an instrumental music educator in the public school system, while teaching aspiring producers and songwriters the ins and outs of today's music business. 

Cliffbangr™ is experienced in audio and video editing, multi-genre audio production, music publishing and distribution, and film/tv production. He is currently seeking talented songwriters and raw talent to help develop and guide. Stay tuned for greatness from this world talent.

"It's a BANGR!!"

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